I’m a wife of 13 years and my husband and I are trying to embrace the craziness of life with as much laughter as we can. We plan to be laughing in 40 years (but not at you, I promise). I’m a mom of two, and hopefully more to come. We are in the process of obtaining our license to become foster parents so that we can eventually adopt through the foster care system. I would love to adopt internationally.  Adoption, orphan care and social justice is a calling and a passion for me.

My family is my #1 priority and the greatest joy of my life. When I’m not at work I am rarely serious and enjoying life to the fullest is a high priority. If you want to pay me a compliment tell me that I’m fun to be with – that’s a pretty awesome thing to say to anyone! I’m trying hard to reflect Jesus in who I am every day. Some days you might have to squint pretty hard to see him, but that’s ok – I’m still trying.

I  love my bed, my dog, ice cream, good friends, worship, Chinese food and good Pad Thai. I’m not a big fan of pickles, scary movies, injustice, doing laundry or iced tea.

Brian: Married of course to Tracy, and loving it! All about Jesus, Batman, chocolate chip cookies, Star Wars, and heavy metal. Have a B.A. in Bible and Religion, but no religious B.S. please.



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  1. Susan Sigman
    Jan 12, 2011 @ 03:10:52

    Wow Tracy, this is pretty amazing. Can’t wait to see what God will do now. Thank You 🙂


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